Regular meetings of The Society are open to the public and are held at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of the month from Sept. thru Dec. & from March thru June.  Meetings will be held  at the North High Center, 1487 North High St., Rt. 62.  Enter thru the center glass doors to meeting room. For further information about our organization, to become a member or to inquire on how to become a volunteer; please contact The Southern Ohio Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 414, Hillsboro, Ohio  45133 or                                 E-mail:

The 2016 SOGS Programs

August 25, 2016, Thursday: “GHOST WALK” 6:00 PM, Hillsboro Cemetery,  Program will begin at the cemetery chapel.   SOGS is working with the Highland County Historical Society to put this program on.  Come join the fun and learn about some of those that lived in our community before us.  Featured ghosts will be portrayed by:           George AmbroseDwight Crum,  John BarrereSteve Roush,     Mary Collins Anne Marie Throckmorton,  David McBrideMel Haines,  Jane McBrideJane Stowers,  William ScottDenny Kirk    

October 13, 2016, Thursday:  The History of American Immigration and Naturalization will be the topic of the SOGS meeting, to be held at 7:00 PM , at the North High Business Center, 1487 N. High St., in the Community Room.  The Public is Welcome.  Mel Haines will present a Power Point presentation on how our ancestors immigrated to America and became naturalized citizens.

November 10, 2016, Thursday:  “Genealogy Road Show” 6:00 – 9:00 PM, Location Change!  We will meet at Southern State Community College in the Library.  This will be a hands on experience to learn about all the resources available for researching your family genealogy.  Bring your notes and family charts.  Let us help you find public documents to support your family links.  Skilled genealogists will be on hand to help you research the many web based genealogy files available.  The general public is invited to attend this help session.

December 8, 2016, SOGS Christmas Dinner –  Has been cancelled.









June 9, 2016, Thursday:  First and Second Family Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting.  This will be held at the Highland House, Highland County Historical Society, 151 E. Main St., Hillsboro, OH.  Details in May “Roots & Shoots”.  There is a reservation form on page 11.  Fill out and send your reservation along with check for $18.00 per person no later than June 1, 2016, to SOGS, P.O. Box 414, Hillsboro, OH 45133.